Building a healthy hair regimen is important. In fact, it’s one of most crucial steps to growing long, beautiful tresses. But with all of the moisturizers, cowashes, hair creams, and refresher sprays out there, how can you really tell what you need? Well don’t worry, we got you! Here are five products that take you back to the basics, and they’re essential for ANY hair journey. This’ll help whether you’re starting a hair journey, or if you’re trying to overcome chronic ‘product junkie-ism’. Comment below and tell us what your must-have hair products are!
Everyone needs a good shampoo to maintain healthy hair. Over time, our tresses can accumulate dirt and product buildup that will block our scalp and prevent further growth. While there are some women that swear by not using shampoo, we don’t recommend it. The amount of time you thoroughly cleanse in your hair regimen is up to you. Some will shampoo every day, while others can get away with every other week.
To avoid totally stripping your hair of its natural oils, don’t use a sulfate based shampoo (we talked about sulfates in a previous post). We recommend trying our Sulfate Free Aloe Shampoo for clean, yet moisturized tresses.


A good conditioner is also a must have. Conditioners have the necessary task of restoring moisture after shampooing, as well as softening hair. When searching for a conditioner, look for added slip and detangling capabilities. Our Silk Therapy Conditioner literally melts tangles in a matter of minutes.
You may have also seen the word ‘co-wash’ in the conditioner section of the beauty supply store. All cowashing means is that you use a cleansing conditioner opposed to a harsh shampoo to gently remove product build up. To get both moisturizing and cleansing qualities, simply add a few drops of tea tree oil to the Silk Therapy conditioner.

Deep Conditioner

There are a lot of deep conditioners out there, but why are they necessary? The truth of the matter is that deep conditioners and treatments are supposed to help restore moisture to hair in a long lasting way. A good moisturizing deep conditioner will leave your hair feeling soft (although not too soft), shiny, and stronger. Decide how often you want to incorporate deep treatments into your regimen, but once a week is pretty standard. If you’re looking for a deep conditioner to start with, then try our Hydrating Coconut Oil Mask.

Leave-in Conditioner

By now you may be like really?? ANOTHER conditioner? Well, we have to do what we have to do for the sake of beauty! A good leave in conditioner is the beginning of your LOC (Liquid, Oil, Cream) Method if you’re natural, and it’s also a good way to refresh curls. You have a few options to choose from when purchasing a leave in conditioner, but opting for one in a liquid or spray form is good because you can apply as much as needed, and you can lightly mist your hair between washes for an extra moisture boost. Choose a leave in conditioner that’s water based (hence the mist), with combined conditioners and penetrating oils. Our Argan Oil Leave in Conditioner helps tame frizzy hair as well as prevents split ends.

Lightweight Styler

Choosing products can be especially tricky when it’s time to choosing a styler. There are so many butters, creams, gels, pomades, etc, most of us don’t even know where to begin. Well, before searching for anything else, it’s important to find a styler that actually helps nurture healthy tresses in addition to giving hair style definition. Also find something that works on both wet and dry hair, with no flaking, good hold and great shine. While gels are good, you don’t want a styler that is too heavy, that will weigh hair down or cause product buildup. Our best selling Vitamoist meets all requirements! It gives awesome definition for styles, and it can be used in multiple ways.
These are our basic must haves for all kinds of hair. We hope you give them a try and enjoy!

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