We love when gurus and experts share knowledge, and we also love sharing that knowledge with you! If you’re still trying to figure out how to care for your hair with this harsh winter weather, no worries! Our guest writer Denetrya from @Black_Women_Yoga_Studios is here to explain how to get the perfect winter regimen!

As undesirable winter weather approaches, we all want those perfect hairstyles that are festive, low maintenance and non-damaging.
Let’s Prepare!!
  • Eating foods that stimulate and encourage hair growth.
  • Food loaded with protein and amino-acids
    • Try these: eggs, nuts and avocado
      • *Consume in moderation, as they can pack on winter weight
  • Drink LOTS of WATER!!
  • Activities that promote hair growth are essential during harsh weather conditions
  • Cardio and inverted Yoga postures aid in oxygen circulation stimulating the scalp and hair follicles
    • Downward dog, shoulder stands, headstands are all beneficial
  • Protective, yet fly and require low manipulation
    • Jumbo twists or braids
  • Add hair ornaments and flowers to “play up” an updo 
  • Twist can be with natural lengths or add extensions in for fun!
  • During this time shedding and/or breakage may increase due to dryness of the air
  • Try lightweight leave ins daily Try Argan Mist by CinagrOrganic
  • Black tea rinse cuts down on shedding tremendously.
  • Boil and steep tea bags as if you were to consume, let cool down and add to recycled spray bottle.  Spray daily to scalp, no rinsing needed.
How do you keep your hair healthy in this harsh weather?